Maxi Productivity envisages partnering with producers of oil palm planting materials for humid tropics. Yields are up to 22 t/ha in African areas with less than 100 mm of annual soil water deficit in addition to up to 25% oil extraction rate. The Company will be proposing varieties which allow increasing productivity and secure planters’ investments thanks to their resistance to diseases. Planting materials will include new varieties that are low lipase leading to production of high quality palm oil with reduced risk of acidification even if fruit bunches are processed 48 hours after harvesting.

Maxi Productivity Sarl is distributor of high quality Hyplugs a solution to pre-nursery in that they reduce the quantity of soil needed, transplanting shock as well as upkeep burden while promoting rapid growth of seedlings

The Company assists its clients in acquiring Palm Oil Mills (POMs) and palm oil mills parts at best prices from established manufacturer with large African experience.

Maxi Productivity Sarl is distributor of 1-120 tons per hour (TPH) palm oil mills manufactured by renowned Chinese and Malaysian manufacturers. Its Chinese partner is a large-sized joint-equity enterprise specialized in producing edible oil mechanical equipment. It has been in long-term cooperation with Research Institute of Machine Design. The company has been earning many awards since its foundation in 1982. It has supply Palm Oil Mills with capacities varying from 1 to 10 ton per hour (TPH) currently running in 30 countries including Benin, Congo (R), Côte d’Ivoire, and Nigeria in Africa.

Maxi Productivity Sarl is partnering with GAF O&P Consulting a cabinet specialised in Management, Operating procedures, Management and Organisation, Payroll, Management Control, Accounting Secretariat, and Training on the search for funding. It assists both Maxi Productivity Sarl and its clients in making informed decisions based on unprecedented financial and risk analyses.


Visit to Maxi Productivity’s client’s oil palm nursery with its partner producer of  high yielding oil palm germinated seeds


Maxi Productivity’s Partner manufacturer of pre-nursery Hyplug


Representative and Marketing manager of Maxi Productivity’s Partner manufacturer of Palm Oil Mill


Visit to Maxi Productivity’s office by one of its partners manufacturer of palm oil mill boilers


Steriliser station of 5 TPH palm oil mill manufactured by the Chinese partner


Vibrating palm oil screen structure platform from 5 TPH palm oil mill manufactured by the Chinese partner